Post Judgment Enforcement

We help you enforce the court's decision.


  • Ensure the Judgement Creditor’s name and address appears on the judgement.
  • Obtain a certified copy of the Judgment from the Clerk.
  • Record a certified copy of the Judgment in the County Recorder’s office where the Judgment Debtor(s) have or may have real property.


  • Garnishment of bank accounts Fla. Stat. Sec. 77.03
  • Garnishment of Salary/Wages Fla. Stat. Sec. 77.0305
  • Notices to Debtor:
    1. Creditors must serve debtor motion and writ five days after issuance Fla. Stat. 77.041(2)
    2. Notice to Debtor of Rights to Dissolve Fla. Stat. 77.055
    3. If Debtor Claims Exemption, Creditor must object timely. Fla. Stat. 77.041(3)

Debtor’s Exemptions