Residential Evictions

Take the frustration out of your hands

Residential Tenant Law – Reasons for Eviction / Litigation:

  1. Evictions – Non-Payment of Rent
  2. Evictions – Termination of Lease
  3. Evictions – Termination of Lease – Recurring Violations
  4. Security Deposit Disputes
  5. Right of Landlord to Enter the Leased Premises
  6. Unlawful Detainer Pursuant to Florida Statute Chapter 82

Short Summary of Eviction Process

The tenant fails to pay rent or is in breach of contract. The landlord will or representative will deliver a 3-Day notice of Termination. The tenant has several options, pay the rent or resolve the disputed issue, vacate the property, or counter-demand or do nothing.  If tenant does not comply, then eviction proceedings may commence. Tenant is served a summons for possession and they have 5 business days to pay back all rent or resolve issues and file an answer to the summons. If tenant fails, final judgment for possession would be entered. A judge will review the case and determine the final judgment which might approve or deny Landlord’s claim.  Once entered, the clerk shall enter with civil sheriff who will evict tenant. 

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